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Toodles is currently in grave danger!  Read news here.
Toodles is a happy red factor canary who watches our frisbee pickup games every saturday afternoon at Hastings Field in Lexington Mass from a nearby tree.  W
e don't know too much about him other than he was an autistic insurance salesman in his last life, is a large stock holder of aspercreme, and invests quite a bit in the research and development of modern nonlinear search engine technology.  Interestingly, he was once carbonated by Jabba the Hutt himself, as seen below, and to the right is a shot from his life in captivity.

We don't know why such an important canary hangs out at our games; maybe he just gets bored of stocks and technology development and just likes to watch a bunch of people have a good time.  Maybe he's studying the strategic aspects of frisbee in order to guage whether humans are worth going to war with via some nearby hidden army of metal gear canaries.  Or maybe he's just a master jedi scoping for a human who uses the force during frisbee to take under his wing and train.
Toodles the Bright Red Factor Canary
Toodles the Factor Canary in Carbonite We don't quite know why Toodles loves watching us, but we like him too.  He even gives us advice now and then, such as noting when we're not eating enough energy bars or throwing enough thumbers.

Here is a quick survey he took for us:
Favorite color: red
Favorite frisbee: daredevil
Favorite atom: helium
Favorite DVD: Cruel Intentions 3
Favorite kimballs ice cream: orange pineapple
Favorite CD-R: Fuji
[he says he'll fill out a longer one later]

I'm sure he's happy you read his Lexington Frisbee page and got to know him and maybe us a little better.  Maybe you'll see him around Boston somewhere, we don't quite know where he lives, though you can always email him at Toodles @ Squish7.  If you're in our area we play at 2:15 Saturdays Apr-Oct in Lexington Mass, Hastings/Bandstand field.  Here's our page.