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TurboFrisbee.com is
A) A source for learning a rapid-throw Ultimate Frisbee game style called "Turbo Frisbee" or just "Turbo".
B) A collection/list of some random pickup games.  They are not necessarily games where you can practice the Turbo skillset (although it falls entirely within standard rules and can be practiced anywhere).  The section is called Standard Ultimate Frisbee groups or SUF groups.

Please contact if you'd like your pickup game listed.  It'll bump up your search ratings a little, as I continuously market Turbo Frisbee on the web.

Please note that most people (slow people) do not agree with the Turbo playing style.  It's just too hard and fast for most people.  To be clear, turbofrisbee.com/pickup is not a list of groups that support the Turbo skillset, just groups it keeps track of.

The site is a little unorganized right now.  Some areas/items are outdated, others are up-to-date.  It's a long-term project to bring everything together under one roof.
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THROWING: Basic Technique
GAME PLAY: Rules, Strategy
MISC: Energy, USMC

Thrower: HIGH: Disc above chest
Thrower: LOW: Reverse of above
ThrowerAIR: Way high (air-IT)
Thrower: DISC:  Right-side up throw
Thrower: BOWL:  Inverse of above
TeamOPEN: I'm open
TeamMAN: Don't throw
Team: BOUNCE*: Prepare for IT relay
TeamDUMP: I'm behind you and open
TeamSWING: A sideways pass
TeamGOAL: Go for the endzone


Cool starting guide to SUF

Full set of SUF Rules

UPA - Ultimate Players Association

Official Discraft and Daredevil

Individual Amazon Discraft and Daredevil
(visit daredevil directly for 'sun' color)

I recommend white / yellow discrafts, or sun, white (or orange) Daredevils.

Wikipedia entries for Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Throws (ignore the peach defamation)

Vids: Search "frisbee" from Google Video then hit "> 20 min" to see whole SUF games.  While you're watching, think, could they have used an IT th

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