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Turbo Frisbee: Why Smoke a Butt?

I know you're out there.  I know you're afraid.  You're afraid of change.  But we're going to show these people a world without you.  A world without stall counts.  A world where backhands and forehands aren't demigods.  A world with jump-thumber-forehands and five-point shut out seven-second scoober-UIT relays.  This isn't the end, this-- / Who the hell are you talking to?  Neo, I think building a Matrix for air-thumber frisbee is becoming obsession.  I'm calling Inpatient.  Where are you-- Jesus, I forgot he could fly.  What the hell does he need jump-thumbers for when he can fly. / SYSTEM TURNOVER

CORE NOTE: This all may seem very intense and difficult when described, but, it's like chess or the board game Go.  You can try the basics first, and from there it can build in complexity.

Here's the thing.  Frisbee is stop, think, throw.  Stop, think, throw.  Why not throw, throw, throw?  There's an ultra-immediate throw or instant throw (UIT, or IT), for every single possible catch.  This takes a lot more skill and practice, because you have to know every throw well and when to use them (see Wiki for throws), and on the field it requires extra focus and awareness to make split second decisions.  If the team is dedicated to these extra skills, then the game can actually be played centered around the idea of immediately tossing, a whole different way of playing.

Hold on, I'm a Recluse, What the Hell's Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee (called 'Ultimate' because 'frisbee' is a trademarked word; 'disc' is used instead) is a sport combining elements of soccer and football with a frisbee. When you have the disc you must freeze, look, then toss it sucessfully to another team member, and in this way get the disc down to the endzone where your team gains a point. There's no tackling except in USMC frisbee. The idea of TUF is to get rid of 'stop and look around' to 'bounce around the ball.'

The core SUF / TUF arguments go like this:

: (Turbo Ultimate Frisbee): Giving the defense time to guard you and the entire field when you have a chance to immediately whip the disc to an already open man is nuts.
SUF (Standard/Snail Ultimate): UITs are difficult and risky, and only gain you a small advantage in time.  You should take a few seconds to get your balance and make a better throw.
[See the 
1st2nd, & 3rd threads of long RSD debate]

I've been through 140 post of debate with pro-like guys and have heard every single possible objection, but without warring, let's say everyone's right, then every objection can be knocked out with a single rule.

Single SUF > TUF rule change: Extremely low stall count.

Now don't confuse 'single rule change' with 'same game.'  A shorter time to think requires a whole new realm of strategy and terminology.  This way, you don't have 'a few seconds to get your balance and look around.'  Shoving the game into first gear forces you to use an entire realm of new skills no one practices: instant throws, intense field focus, IT-relay strategy, etc.

Maybe it's Star Trek vs Star Wars, but
I'm the only Trekkie and I feel lonely.  TUF undisputably takes more skill, no one can argue that.  So why not whip-whip-whip the disc back and forth with someone during practice, even if you don't use that in-game?  It's triple the practice and can only help.  And once you can fire a shotgun, why not use it?

grips small

THROWING: Basic Technique
GAME PLAY: Rules, Strategy
MISC: Energy, USMC

Thrower: HIGH: Disc above chest
Thrower: LOW: Reverse of above
ThrowerAIR: Way high (air-IT)
Thrower: DISC:  Right-side up throw
Thrower: BOWL:  Inverse of above
TeamOPEN: I'm open
TeamMAN: Don't throw
Team: BOUNCE*: Prepare for IT relay
TeamDUMP: I'm behind you and open
TeamSWING: A sideways pass
TeamGOAL: Go for the endzone


Cool starting guide to SUF

Full set of SUF Rules

UPA - Ultimate Players Association

Official Discraft and Daredevil

Individual Amazon Discraft and Daredevil
(visit daredevil directly for 'sun' color)

I recommend white / yellow discrafts, or sun, white (or orange) Daredevils.

Wikipedia entries for Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Throws (ignore the peach defamation)

Vids: Search "frisbee" from Google Video then hit "> 20 min" to see whole SUF games.  While you're watching, think, could they have used an IT th

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