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NEWS Aug 08, 2008
We're going strong as usual.  This summer we're having a few problems with the pigeons, though, they seem to have learned ultimate by now and suddenly want to play.  They're becoming a problem but nobody's been killed yet so come on down.

Contact: Bubbah
- Bubbah at hottttmail [for bots]
- Bubbah at thisdomain dot youknowwhat
- 781-000-1124

Tuesdays 3pm every week, Augover - Novust

We're super duper friendly, all ages, all animals, playing for 20 years, come on by.  We have a few imaginary friends, don't worry about them.  You'll get used to them, especially Kip's dog Zeus.  As you'd expect, he's a great catcher, but can't throw the disc for crap.  It also doesn't help that he catches it no matter which side has the disc.  Just look out for Aunt Marge the Human Torch, and you'll be fine.

Drive North, 77 miles, turn right.  Hit the old lady, crash into four trees.  Go back to the highway and drive south about 13 miles.  Proceed to drive one mile north, two south, three north, four south, until you get so dizzy that you start hallucinating where the field is.  Finally, crash your car into a tree hard enough to knock yourself out, and you'll be there.