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Turbo has evoled quite a bit since I launched the site, yet I have so many projects I don't have time to keep all the websites up-to-date.  If you're interested in my general creative endeavors--a friend coordinator once said to me about the site, "it's very you", which told me something key about my creative proccess--you can follow my day-to-day progress at frangles.com/UP.  If anything online happens with the site, it will be posted there.  In time this site should be updated.  (It's especially tricky because it's starting to involve more visual things--diagrams, video, etc--so please stick around long-term.)

New/Revised Terms

: Stall count of X / game with stall count of X
(Akin: Xtra Speedy / Slow / Smart / Stupid / ...)
XS-2: Stall count of 2 / game with 2 stall count
XS-0: Game with a zero stall.  I.e. all-UIT game
: 10 stall count / game with 10 stall (SUF)
fluid: play that evolves out of XS-0/all-IT rules
non-fluid: eg stop, switch grips, think, re-throw
Instant Throw: a throw recycilng momentum..
bounce: 1 relay of the disc via an individual IT
squirrel: player planning for multiple IT-relay..
(courtesy an RSD member's desc of turbo play)
noon: In front of you/me / player / gazebo / ...
plan: Use full stall count(s) for careful planning


I've often complained that no one fuels up during practice...  Maybe I just function differently and need energy at different times, or maybe my mind is just more turbo-geered.  In TUF/Turbo, energy would be much more important.  One argument against TUF is that you don't get enough time to do things that are beneficial when more time is there.  (E.g. taking a few seconds to grab the disc, steady yourself, and calculate.)  One thing I've figured out over the course of my arguments with RSD is that more mental energy can be condensed into shorter bursts, hence food and calorie consumption distribution may be a good method of making sure that energy for physical and mental "turbo" boosts is there.

Let's say you're running from a team of mutant bears in the woods.  Your fight-or-flight survival instinct allows you the adrenaline/etc to dart aroundt trees and map and calculate quickly.  Let's say you have a bow and arrow.  As all this is going on, you're calculating when to stop, aim, shoot, then run and mentally map some more.  Since your life is in danger, You're putting much, much more energy into this task than you would normally hunting, never mind than shooting a non-hostile slate of wood with a few friendly circles for target practice.

All this is not some invisible unconscious process; it's subconscious, you can bring it to mind and control it.  You can "psych" yourself up to behave as you would if a bear was chasing you.  (For instance, consider SWAT team training, or just paintball.)  Or off-analogy, consider the energy one uses to solve a rubix cube in record time, or just plain play speed chess.  Cramming for a test is another example about the mind's ability to hyperfocus.  All this, of course, requires more energy (or caffeine, or whatever other OTC addictable drug or illicitly otained prescription medication or street drug you may use (or abuse)).

Clearly, if FRISBEE = GUN, and FIELD = FOREST, you can utilize the same extra energy compressed into shorter bursts and play.  That would, of course, leave you depleted and drained, requiring literally more food/calorie energy.  But aha!  Don't we save a lot of time and energy by utilizing those small boosts, because things don't take as long?  Perhaps it balances out.  In any case, it's one more argument that's off the hook (the value of taking more time).

TUF USMC Frisbee

TUF is for the tough.  I'm very serious in saying I think this would be a prime sport for military exercises and on-field strategy practice.  There are many ismorphisms between ultimate and real-time war scenarios.  Strategy, aim, stamina, focus, speed, calculation, position, teamwork, communication, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc....

I'm almost ashamed to have given a disc to brother prior to learning that Marines play Ultimate without having to catch the disc.  I'm not making this up, they let it drop then tackle eachother for it (which makes UITs quite difficult)... Of course, strength and physical "toughness" are pretty darn key for any type of foot soldier.  So, I offer my sincere suggestion to the armed forces that Turbo play be used... oh, say, half the time.  For non-turbo practice, I designed the following shirt.  In defense of it's potentially largely erroneous aura of sarcasm, I do offer that my brother laughed at it.  Honestly, if it's at all sarcastic any more, it's probably just an unhealthy self-defense against being too wimpy to play tough. =(

USMC Frisbee
grips small

THROWING: Basic Technique
GAME PLAY: Rules, Strategy
MISC: Energy, USMC

Thrower: HIGH: Disc above chest
Thrower: LOW: Reverse of above
ThrowerAIR: Way high (air-IT)
Thrower: DISC:  Right-side up throw
Thrower: BOWL:  Inverse of above
TeamOPEN: I'm open
TeamMAN: Don't throw
Team: BOUNCE: Prepare for IT relay
TeamDUMP: I'm behind you and open
TeamSWING: A sideways pass
TeamGOAL: Go for the endzone


Cool starting guide to SUF

Full set of SUF Rules

UPA - Ultimate Players Association

Official Discraft and Daredevil

Individual Amazon Discraft and Daredevil
(visit daredevil directly for 'sun' color)

I recommend white / yellow discrafts, or sun, white (or orange) Daredevils.

Wikipedia entries for Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Throws (ignore the peach defamation)

Vids: Search "frisbee" from Google Video then hit "> 20 min" to see whole SUF games.  While you're watching, think, could they have used an IT there?

SQUISH EMAIL: me/at/here/dot/com   s7