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North of Boston / near Burlington Waltham Medford Arlington Woburn, Massachusetts (MA)
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We toggle between two that are within walking distance:
Map of the 2 fields that Lexington Ultimate Pickup play at
Credit PickupUltimate.com, Google Maps, and Chet's hillarious graphic skills.
Map is displayed here at 50%.  Click map for 100% full view.
You may want to save, print, or photograph it with your camera.
Or, access it tentatively  with this URL: turbofrisbee.com/map
See important footnote at the bottom of the page regarding this map.*
Field 1) "Hastings Park" ("Park", not "Field")
Field 2) close to "Josiah Willard Hayden Recreation Centre"

TIME / Contact / List
Currently attendance is fluccuating (this is normal for fall).  Please join the list if you want to know what weeks we play.
When we do play the time is
1:30 warm-up / 1:45 game
Please be on time!  (There will NOT usually be week-to-week updates on this page.  I'm reconfiguring it at the moment so just use this and the following info for today.)

chet (that symbol) turbofrisbee.com

More ways to find the fields:

Google maps Field 1 >> "Hastings Park Lexington MA"
Google maps Field 2 >> "Josiah Willard Hayden Recreation Centre"

By address:
Field 1 >> Hastings Park ("Park", NOT "Field")
Field 1 close address >> 8 Hastings Rd Lexington MA 02420
(This is only close!  We do NOT play in this guy's back yard)
Field 2 >> close to Josiah Willard Hayden Recreation Centre

PickupUltimate.com (Field 1 listing / Hastings Park):
Click "Cities" > Click "Boston, MA" > Zoom into Lexington
We're the only game in Lexington
Or, follow/remember this link:

Hastings Park (Field 1) coordinates:

The fields are *NOT*:
Lincoln Park
Lexington Common
(or Lexington Battle Green)
The baseball field
The center of the track
Center Playground
Center field

Driving Directions to Hastings Park (Field 1) from Route 95/128 (In either direction):
Take 95/128 to Exit 31A [Route 4 and 225-Lexington]. Continue straight off the ramp. Continue straight through three traffic lights. At the fourth light, turn right onto Worthen Rd. (there will be a Starbucks and Walgreens on your right). Continue straight on Worthen through one traffic light. Take first RIGHT onto Lincoln St. after traffic light. Hastings Field with the bandstand is on your right. Free/easy parking on the left at John P Chase Skating Facility. The field is also along MASS AVE, which you can come from as well. The field is near Lexington High, across the street from the Town Pool.

Hastings Park (Field 1) is bordered by these 4 streets:
Massachusetts Ave
Hastings Rd
Worthen Rd
Lincoln St

More basic info will appear here eventually.

[* If you're confused by the font in the enclosed image where the "1" almost looks like an "I" or "l" or "|", substitute "Field 1" in the above notes with "Field I" or "Field l", respectively. If the "1" resembles a street to you that you can't find on a standard map, i.e. one that has been painted completely white and traverses from the basketball courts into the trees to the North (or from the trees into the North into the basketball courts if you or your GPS is GPS-enabled watch is dyslexic), give the street an imaginary name (e.g. MARSHMALLOW ST or BUNNY ST), then substitute that street name for the instances of "Field 1" in the directions above. If you don't arrive at your imaginary street, look over toward the basketball courts the from Field 1 to see whether the street (e.g. MARSHMALLOW ST or BUNNY ST) is existent, or was all in your head. Note that if you're looking at the image from the West, the "1" may look like a dash or underscore as well. In this case, obtain a helicopter and turn 90-degrees counter-clockwise in the air, then the dash or underscore should look like a "1", "I", "l", or "I". Then follow the appropriate directions laid out above for that symbol."]